The answers to all your Little Ginger questions are here in one place.

At Little Ginger, we thrive on being fun, friendly, and flexible, and we can do most things when it comes to your event, but even we have some limitations. Get across them below, so we’re all on the same page when it comes to YOUR special day. 

Can I supply my own or bring in an external alcohol supplier?

In simple terms – no.  We are a fully licensed venue. Our license does not extend to or cover outside alcoholic beverages; however, if you have a family tradition or a special bottle of something you’ve been holding onto for your special day, talk to our team. 

Can I source/bring in my own caterer/self cater?

Absolutely! We have a fully equipped kitchen and a range of partners we can refer you to, and our in-house team is available for all your grazing board/table needs, but we work with external suppliers for full catering services.

Nanna or Auntie insisting on bringing her fave dessert or savoury dish? No problem at all, nobody wants to say no to those special moments!

If you have someone specific in mind to cater to your religious, cultural, or personal preferences, please remember to check they have current trade food permits to trade from their local council and Public Liability Insurance Certificate. These permits are mandatory to access the venue and provide catering services to you.  

Please know, we do have safety and permit concerns to consider, so some requests cannot be accommodated like a BBQ inside the venue, food trucks at the front are a yes – just let our team know your ideas so we can best advise!

What is the maximum number of guests I can have, and does that include children?

Our unique warehouse space offers over 400sqm of space with a maximum capacity for you and your guests of 70 – from babies to adults. The maximum does not include any suppliers or staff, be that celebrant, photographer, catering, entertainment, or other workers.

What event times can I choose from?


SATURDAY DAY EVENTS: 10 am to 4 pm, OR 8-hour access between 10 am and 9 pm 

SATURDAY NIGHT EVENTS: 6 pm to Midnight, 2 pm to Midnight OR 10 am to Midnight

SUNDAY EVENTS: 10 am to 6 pm, 3 pm to 11 pm OR 10 am to 11 pm

If you require different access times, please discuss your anticipated needs with our team for full access times and guest times.

What is the size of the internal space?

Our event management and styling team are available for all those extras you are planning, or you may choose to organise all details yourself and provide us with your supplier list and their current public liability insurance certificates. Please Note: there are 2 zones inside (you have full use of both) – grass zone is generally where most people have set up as their restaurant side with tables, chairs, food service tables and present table – our team will discuss with you your preferred set up and have it ready for you on the day when you enter.  This area is 13Mt L x 7Mt W with 3Mt H to the exposed white beams.  The second zone we call the entertainment area or as seen in images the  concrete area for dancing/play/styling is 13Mt L x 7Mt W with 7Mt H ceilings – this area is also the wet area the bar area is located on this side, toddler tables are often on this side and speciality services such as coffee cart, ice-cream cart etc which may leave residual mess must be located in this area – our grass zone is like your lounge room carpet so to minimise steam cleaning charges to you we only allow such items on the concrete zone.

We cannot stress enough to avoid any disappointment on the day – full disclosure of all suppliers (catering, props, entertainment & other) and goods sizing/space requirements being brought in to ensure it will all fit/work within the overall space to match your needs.

Do you allow pets? Or other live animals on-site?

We love that couples want their pets involved with them on their wedding day, particularly the ceremony and photos.  We can’t accommodate pets and their catering needs inside our building (due to health and safety regulations) so, once the service is over, it’s time for the fur-babies to head on home with a pet sitter. 

However, if the animal is a service animal, of course, they are permitted on-site!  If the animal is part of your entertainment – please discuss this with the team as we can accommodate on some occasions, such as a reptile or wildlife party where the animal is brought in a cage, passed around to touch then put back in the cage.

If you are thinking about having live animals like a petting zoo or unicorn horse or other – where the control of their toiletry needs simply can’t be planned, the answer is a hard NO!  Think of our inside areas like your lounge room or kitchen – would you like that mess on your carpet? Do animals and food hygiene match?  It’s a hygienic risk and a cost to you to steam clean and sanitise, so, unfortunately, the answer is no.

Do you have ground-level, disabled access?

Yes, all event areas, are ground floor. We have an accessible toilet and wide disabled access to accommodate larger electric chairs and double pram needs!

Can you place a date on hold for us? What deposit is required?

All bookings are secured with an initial $300 booking fee and a completed booking form, or you can book this via the online booking system.  We do not hold dates without these details.  The booking fee is non-refundable and covers the initial administration to process the booking, time spent with you, and your booking needs and also covers the loss of other bookings seeking the same date.  If more than 30 days cancellation notice is given, the booking fee may be transferred to another date subject to availability and approval from management. All requests must be in writing – a change of mind does not warrant a refund.

What is your COVID Cancellation Policy?

Please note COVID is no longer an unknown or unforeseen event. If you have to cancel due to restrictions, we will work with you to secure a new date.  Please be advised our services are not reliant on any government introduced conditions. Be that density rules—the number of guests you are allowed to have on the date of your event— and if only fully vaccinated guests can enter, or any other conditions introduced. If you book, that is the risk you take; therefore, it will be taken as a cancellation fee if you change your mind about proceeding if the venue is deemed open under regulations.