You’ve been invited to a dinner party, quick, what is the food that you will be bringing to share with the other guests? Read on to see what that food says about you.

Grazing Platter:

You’re a busy bee. You’re always doing something, going somewhere and have little time for yourself. You are a careful person who puts thought into everything they do. nothing said or done is accidental.

Cheese Platter:

You aim to please and try to cater to the needs of the people around you. People wouldn’t often refer to you as an adventurous person but there is certainly a touch of carefree attitude to your personality.

Fruit Plate:

You’re an extrovert and thrive at dinner parties, bouncing from one conversation to the next. You like to stay active and you’re always ready to go.

Sausage Rolls and Party Pies:

You’re a nostalgic person and dinner parties like these bring out your emotions. You’re often quiet at these parties but you’re certainly not a bore. In fact, you can be quite funny – you know how to make people laugh.

Bag of Chips:

You’re a scatter brain. Whether you are busy or not, your mind is always racing. You are constantly creating to do lists in your mind but never writing them down and often forgetting things.


Be honest, you’re bringing these wings for yourself. You love to cater to the masses and you know what is that the masses need, even if they don’t. You love a big dinner party that rages all night but you’d be equally happy with a few close friends and good food.


You’re the life of the party. People love to hear that you’ve rsvp’d. You’re an avid baker and a proud sweet tooth with a zest for life.


You like to keep it simple. You’re not a big fan of change but you don’t complain. You simply do what you can to make yourself feel comfortable as well as those around you.

So which one are you? Let us know in the comments.

By Nelly Bowyer, Little Ginger Co.