Unfortunately, all the big New Year’s Eve plans have been put on hold this year but this doesn’t mean your ‘party’ (small gathering) has to be boring. In fact, it can be quite easy to liven up a small party. As easy as adding a theme.

TV Shows and Movies

Choose a TV show or a movie that you and your friends/family love and each guest will dress up as one of the characters. The resulting costumes can be pretty innovative and fun.
Some awesome ideas I’ve seen around are the characters of Total Drama Island, the Scooby Doo gang, Clueless and Mean Girls.

Halloween Party

What? But Halloween was two months ago. Who cares. If you love Halloween why not do it again; fun costumes, scary movies, maybe some spooky games too.
That being said, maybe you hate Halloween. Maybe you love Easter or Christmas. Whatever holiday tickles your fancy, celebrate it for a second time in 2020. Consider it a do-over.

The Roaring 20’s

Naturally this one must be mentioned. At the end of 2019 many a party had this theme but if you missed out, want a do-over or simply love the idea, let’s celebrate like it’s the 1920s. After all there are still nine more years of the 2020s.

Mardi Gras

For all the LGBTQ+ who missed out on their entire pride month and so many other celebrations now’s your time to do it right. Plus, it’s a relatively easy theme to achieve – rainbows, glitter, colour!

Anything but Clothes

Though a bit risqué, this theme always pays off in laughs. It’s incredible to see just how creative people can get when they aren’t allowed to wear regular clothes. Cover up with blankets, newspaper, plants, garbage bags and so much more. 

Hopefully you’re feeling inspired now. Remember to be responsible this New Year’s Eve and stay safe. 

Nelly Bowyer, Little Ginger Co.