Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, anniversary or wedding, party favours can be a tough decision for many.

The first question arises, whether or not to have them at all. Sure, guests like them and they are a kind gesture but are they required? And can you afford them?

The next question appears: what should the favours be?

If you’re currently faced with the latter question, read on for five ideas that we at Little Ginger love.


Succulents and cacti are relatively inexpensive, super easy to care for and so adorable. Inside a cute pot with a little bow and a name-tag, your guests are sure to appreciate it.
Another great idea for plant gifts are herbs. Not only is this favour too cute, your guests will think of you every time they cook.

photo credit – Etsy

A Book

This is a sweet and practical gift that will be loved by your guests. Perhaps if you share a reading at your wedding you could gift your guests the book from which the excerpt was taken from. Or you could personalise each book to your guests tastes

DIY Gift

If you’re crafty and have the time something home-made can really express to your guests how much you care for them. Some examples of things you could make include soap, lip scrub, herb salts, bath salts, candles.

photo credit – Etsy


Rather than already cooked food, hand out ready to cook food. Jars filled with ingredients and tiny recipe cards can be so sweet and your guests are bound to love heading home to whip up a treat. This favour works particularly well with breads, cakes, cookies and biscuits. 
For an extra special touch, cater the recipe to the guests, add a bow and name-tag and you’re all set.

photo credit – The Domestic Geek


If you find yourself unable to think of a gift that will suit your guests, consider allotting part of your budget (if you have one) to a charity under the names of your guests. Charities will appreciate the generosity and put it to good use, make sure you leave a note of your gesture for each guest of have signage to let them know near a guest book so they can leave you a note to cherish this day. 

My personal favourite is the plant gift. Each time they water their little guy they’ll be reminded of you and the great party. Plus who doesn’t love a plant. 
Which idea was your favourite? Will you be having any of these favours at your next party?

Nelly Bowyer, Little Ginger Co.