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Welcome back to those who were fascinated by our last blog post and welcome to those who have simply stumbled across this one.

It’s time to start considering the budget for your micro-wedding. One of the first things you need to know when planning any wedding is the budget. 

The beauty of a micro-wedding is the vastly reduced budget. The average standard wedding in Australia these days has a budget somewhere between $20,000 and $30,000. Of course, this is a ballpark figure and varies greatly from couple to couple. 

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One of the biggest wedding expenses in Australia is the venue, with many traditional venues requiring a minimum spend, regardless of the guest numbers. The average cost of a venue is $15,258. However, a micro-wedding will have far fewer guests than a standard wedding meaning your venue options are far greater.
You can get married in places where regular weddings can’t. A river boat ($1000), your family home (free), private garden ($1000-$5000). Plus, the cost per head will be significantly reduced.

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Micro-weddings have many benefits and it is clear to see that their low impact on your bank account is one of them. 

For now, I will leave with you with your thoughts. Check back in later for further discussion of micro-weddings. And if you’re still craving more information on budgeting check out this awesome summary of the average weddings costs in Australia. 

By Nelly Bowyer, Little Ginger Co.