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Not long to go now, fingers crossed! The weather is warming up and case numbers are going down, there’s definitely a buzz in the air. But continuing to follow the rules as long as they exist is important.

What else is important is spreading the love. It’s very easy to feel as though you may be alone nowadays. Video calls and text messages remove our connection to other humans and makes it hard for us to remember that there are people who care.

At Little Ginger we have created a Lockdown Love Box full of chocolates and sweet treats plus a helium balloon to put a smile on someone’s face. We can deliver these boxes within 5 kilometres of Williamstown according to stage four restrictions. Simply find us on Instagram @littlegingerco and DM us to place your order. You can buy a box for yourself if a pick-me-up is what you need or you can have the box delivered to a friend or whoever needs a little loving.

However, there are many other ways to send the love. R U Okay day has gone but that doesn’t mean we stop supporting one another.
Sending a quick good morning text to the someone close to you can easily brighten their day.
If you’re someone who likes to cook maybe share your next dinner with your neighbours, they’ll appreciate a helping hand.

Perhaps, on your next walk, you slip a kind-hearted message or a $5 note into a stranger’s letterbox. Random acts of kindness can cheer up an entire family.

Take this post as a sign to spread love. The more people out there spreading love, the more people who receive that love and isn’t that what the world needs right now.

By Nelly Bowyer, Little Ginger Co.