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It seems as though Victoria will be following the stage four restrictions for another few weeks now. It’s a horrible time but we will get through it. To even have a chance at celebrating a semi-normal Christmas it is critical that we don’t give up on the guidelines set. Believe me, I would so love to catch up with friends right now or see my grandparents, as I’m sure you would too, but we must all follow the rules to end this once and for all. Do your part for the community, for your family and for your friends and stay at home.

That being said, we here at Little Ginger acknowledge your stress and pain in these times. We have been forced to close for 171 days, losing work, losing customers, losing employees. Many of us are struggling with online learning, others are all alone and some of us have children running around the house. Today I aim to ease the stress of having these children. Home-schooling is hard, especially when you’re not equipped to do so. Maybe your kids are hyperactive is these times, maybe they’re low energy and sad, maybe they’re angry and confused. Read on for a few ideas that just may help you out.

Game Night

Online learning is often very unstimulating. If your kids are feeling glum and bored with schooling how about trying a family game night, as something to look forward to. I know what you’re thinking: we spend every second with each other, why do we need a game night? Trust me, my family and I play games most weeks and it’s great. Family matters. 
A game like Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble can be fun and it is also very stimulating. If school isn’t getting their brain pumping, a game might. Or if they’re finding school intense and stressful they might want to unwind and play games like Go Fish or Game of Life that require little brain power but are still fun. All the games I’ve mentioned are board or card games on purpose because it’s good for people to take a break from technology, especially when doing online learning.

Life Skills

Use this time at home to teach your children valuable life skills that may have otherwise been neglected, take up a new skill yourself.
Sewing is a great skill to learn and so important. I know too many people that will pay too much money to have their favourite pants fixed when simple sewing is quite an easy skill to pick up. Maybe you, don’t know how to sew?  Well, here’s your opportunity to learn.
For the young kids maybe they haven’t quite nailed how to tie their shoelaces or how to make their bed – now is the time to teach them.
There is a whole myriad of skills to learn, from opening a bank account, using a drill, to doing laundry. Your kids will thank you later in life.

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Cooking (and Cleaning)

It’s never too early to learn how to cook. Pick a meal, or let your child choose, and have them cook it with you. Really let them take the reins. Experience is one of the best ways to learn.
For young kids they’ll be learning basic skills like chopping, using the burner and being hygienic. If your children are older and understand the basics it’s now time to get specific or maybe even adventurous – roast, homemade pasta, stir fry. If you’re careful you may even trick the children into doing the cleaning, another important life skill.

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Riding a Bike

Riding a bike is a great mode of transportation especially for kids who are beginning to become a bit more independent. Take them out on your street, parking lot or field and let the learning begin. There’s no one way to teach them how to ride. It may take them minutes, it may take them a few days. When was the last time you got on a bike and went for a ride? Maybe now is the time as the weather becomes more pleasant to give it a go. Get out there, have some fun with it and remember to wear your mask.

Home Maintenance 

Every household has at least one task that has just never been done. When you moved in you had meant to put up shelves but never got around to it for one reason or another. Well, now is the perfect time and you can put your children to good use. They’ll feel really mature if you let them sand something down or hammer a nail, plus, they’ll be learning some of those invaluable life skills we spoke about before.


Plants are awesome. Every household should have plants. Even if you don’t have a backyard, indoor plants can really freshen up a room. But if you do have a backyard or front yard wait for the good weather and spend a whole day gardening. Kill the weeds, remove any dead plants and freshen up the soil. Maybe plant some new plants and, if you don’t have a backyard, find some good indoor plants to brighten up your living room. Kids love getting their hands dirty. Give them a trowel and some gloves and their good to go.

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Redecoration (and Cleaning)

Children go crazy for a room redecoration. It’s a low cost and fun way to spend a whole day – maybe even two if their rooms are particularly messy. Give them free reign to move their bed, take down posters and put new ones up, organise their clothes or bookshelves. They’ll feel like they’ve got a brand-new room and bonus: their room will be clean.

I wish everyone good luck in these tough times. I hope that at least one of these ideas will provide a day of respite, maybe even more.

By Nelly Bowyer, Little Ginger Co.