This week I’ve collated a short list of games for the adults out there. But in all honesty, most of the games listed in our previous blog post can easily be played by adults. Who says you can’t play limbo with the parents from school?

The Classics

These games require pens and paper and nothing else which makes them so easy and fun. First up we have Taboo, an awesome team game for competitive spirits. Taboo can be bought as a game but it’s quite simple to create your own game with slips of paper. Have all your guests choose a word and 3 to 4 taboo words and you’re good to go. 
Pictionary, of course, a simple game that puts your artistic ability to the test. Though, if you and your partner/team have some sort of psychic connection it doesn’t matter how good your ‘art’ is.
And finally, Charades. Be prepared for lots of shouting and frustration with this game.


This awesome murder mystery board game can have up to six players. But, if you have more guests than six, how about taking this game to the next level with an interactive murder mystery. There are plenty of free murder mystery games out there like the elaborate game of Mafia (occasionally known as Werewolf) for 12 to 24 players. 
Red Herring Games have a wide range of free and paid murder mystery games from Murder on The Disorientated Express to Birthday Girl’s Last Gasp. Their awesome website is linked in the image below.

Talking Games

Unsure of what to call this category of games I choose talking because that is all that is required for these games!
We have Most Likely To, a game that works best for close friends or family. The rounds begin with a question (who is most likely to…smash their phone screen?) and everybody points to the person they feel is most likely to. The person with the most votes gets a point and at the end of the game the person with the least votes wins.  
Never Have I Ever has a similar premise to the previous game. The round begins with a statement this time (never have I ever…been overseas) and everybody who has done the thing named has a point against them.
Two Truths and a Lie is another talking game and is great one for getting to know people. 

Drinking Games

You don’t have to drink to have fun, but that being said, it can be fun to drink. All of the talking games above can easily be turned into drinking games by replacing the point system with taking a drink.
A game I like to call ‘What?’ is also a fun drinking game. It requires little to no brain power and is played throughout the party. The rules are simple: if you say ‘what’ you must drink and that is all there is to it. Of course, your party may choose a different taboo word like people’s names or ‘hey’.
Another drinking game, albeit a far riskier one, is called Water or Vodka. Shot glasses are filled with water or vodka and the guests must try to select a shot of water. The only rule is no sniffing allowed.


Trivia, when done right, can be an intensely competitive and wildly fun game. All that is required for trivia is pens, paper and prizes. Have your party split into teams – the more teams, the better. You may like to have a trivia master – someone who announces the questions and answers and keeps the game going, or you can have everybody be part of a team and simply print the questions out for each team. To make the night even better have prizes throughout for best team name, bonus questions, fastest answer or spelling bee. Here is an awesome ten round trivia game you can use for free at your next party.

By the sounds of this list, your next party will be a blast. Hopefully reading this has helped you or maybe it has reminded you of a game you and your friends used to play that you had forgotten about. Either way, remember to celebrate your way and stay safe. 

By Nelly Bowyer, Little Ginger Co.