If you’re looking for birthday cake inspiration you have come to the right place. Any cake from this list will be a perfect centrepiece for your or your child’s birthday party. 

First on the list is a classic.

The Barbie Cake.

It may be a little retro but it’s the perfect cake for little kids who love their dolls. It’s quite simple to make at just the cost of massacring a Barbie doll. Picture below is curtesy of The Cupcake Queens.

For a summer birthday you can’t go wrong with an ice-cream cake. The kids go crazy for it and there are so many flavour combinations to be made. But how about taking it to the next level with this…

Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Cake.

Keep in mind that this will make the kids go crazy, but they’ll love you forever. Click on the picture for the link for this delicious treat.

This next cake is appropriate for the kids and the adults.

Piñata cake.

Who doesn’t love smashing things? Especially when there’s lollies inside. These cakes can be a little fiddlier but will be so worth it for the cheer when it’s cut open.

But if you’re looking for something a little more ‘adults only’, let’s add a splash of alcohol. For a classy cake try a Prosecco cake (linked below) or an espresso martini cake. For that sugar fix try…

Bailey’s Chocolate Freakshake Cake.

It is incredibly decadent, delicious and bound to be the centrepiece of your next party. Click on the picture for the link to the recipe. 

For the final cake, let’s go all out with…

A Junk Food Loaded Cake.

There is no real recipe for this cake because you simply add what your heart desires. Multicoloured icing is perfect for this type of cake. Add an icing drip around the edges and plenty of sprinkles and then pile it high with lollies, donuts, rainbow lollipops, chocolate, M&M’s, fairy floss. The rule for this cake is: go crazy. Picture curtesy of Rock Star Pastries.

Hopefully this short list has provided some inspiration for your up and coming birthday party. Or maybe it has just left you mouth-watering and hungry.

By Nelly Bowyer, Little Ginger Co.