So, it’s your birthday and you’re unable to go out. You can’t even have family over, let alone a group of friends.  So how do you turn it around?

I know we all quickly became bored of the video calls with a side of wine after about a month of lockdown.  It’s important to remember that you don’t need to have everyone with you in person to celebrate your day or those milestone occasions of loved ones.  You definitely don’t need alcohol, to celebrate. I know it’s cliche to say but it’s true.

It’s Your Birthday

Set up a video call with a few good friends (remember that video calls can become chaotic with too many people) and have a games night. There are plenty of fantastic online games out there that are easy to set up and free. From Pictionary games like Skribbl or Draw Something to online Cards Against Humanity or Photo Roulette. If none of these interest you, there’s always good old trivia.

Make the night more interesting with prizes you showcase to be delivered at a later date.

It’s Your Child’s Birthday

We all know planning those extra special milestones like first birthday’s often start in the months right after the birth of your child.  What do you do, now that you cant have anyone over or go anywhere to celebrate as planned? Set up the special birthday table at home, order in contactless helium balloons in theme delivered to your door.  You can even get contactless balloon garlands.  Simply grab some Commander hooks to attach to the wall behind your cake table or attach to your curtain rod.  Your baby will not know they missed out on a party, they will simply love that you are there. A delicious cupcake or piece of cake and a bright coloured gift is always stimulating.

For children celebrating their 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th any age, how do you explain “Sorry this year you don’t have a birthday”?  Well, you don’t, but you can be creative in what that means.  Get friends and family to do drive by birthday messages.  Stand in your driveway and watch as everyone drives past, sounding the horn. Maybe have some of them dress up their cars, with balloons streaming outside the windows, yelling out Happy Birthday messages.  Playing online games is great for the older children if that works, but for little ones do an online remote party.

Planning an online disco can be a great idea for younger children. Dancing around the lounge room, seeing friends doing the same at their house via computer screens.  All tuning in to the music streaming from your house through their computer screens. Create party bags for their little guests and pre-deliver to your child’s friends houses before the fun starts.  Add glow sticks, toys, lollies and a party cupcake, perhaps a party hat too and your set. Have the kids set themselves up with their party bags and a video call.  Leave them to dance and be silly with their friends for the afternoon or evening.

Birthday Splurging ISO Style

If none of these ideas appeal to you, how about a simple day of relaxation. Put on something comfortable or just keep your PJ’s on all day, I promise nobody is judging. Watch your favourite movies or binge watch a TV show. Splurge a little on desserts, grazing boxes and your favourite bottle of that something special.

Do whatever makes you happy and don’t feel obligated to other people for the entire day. I know this is a stressful time but everybody, especially the birthday person, deserves to be celebrated their way within what can be done during ISO.

By Nelly Bowyer, Little Ginger Co.

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