There is a lot of pressure to host the greatest party of all time. You may spend days, even weeks planning everything to a tee -incredible food, immaculate decorations- but the party is still a bust because your guests didn’t have a good time and you are left wondering why. 

A party is for the guests. Yes, you want to have a good time too, but you are throwing this party for them as much as you are throwing it for yourself.

Tip One: Invite the Right People

Sure, often birthdays come with the obligatory family invite but nothing is stopping you from also inviting friends and co-workers. Parties generally flow better with a mixture of social groups because there are more conversations to be had. Someone can talk to their best friend or they can get to know someone new or simply hang out with their sibling for a bit. Mixing up the guest list can result in a far more chatty and bubbly environment.
But remember, don’t feel you have to invite all your co-workers just because you’re inviting your favourite co-worker. 

Tip Two: Suit the Theme to the Guests

You won’t want to throw a burlesque themed 30th if you know all the grandparents are invited. A family party is better suited to simple themes, such as Hawaiian or Circus. And remember to save themes like Murder Mystery or Famous Dead People for when all the young ones are grown up. 

Tip Three: Don’t Make Having Fun Too Difficult 

If your guests enjoy a good drink, don’t plan activities that require focus because your guests will become distracted. Minute-to-win-it games and guess the song are much better suited to these kinds of guests. But, for a party with less alcohol consumption, absolutely organise a couple of fun games -perhaps charades or taboo.

Tip Four: To Keep Your Guests Happy, Keep Yourself Happy

If you’re stressed your guests will feel like a burden and won’t be able to enjoy themselves. Your guests have come to the party (presumably) because the like you. They want to see you, so you have to circulate and say hello to everyone. Try not to spend the whole night worrying about food in the kitchen. Remember, this party is also for you, so relax and enjoy.

These are a four common mistakes that get made at most events. But, if you’re still here reading this, I know you are dedicated to your guests and because you are so dedicated here are three bonus tips for you.

Bonus Tip One: Don’t Clean The House

Actually, you should clean the house but by this I mean, scrub away any bathroom grime or hide any junk lying around. You don’t want the house cleaned within an inch of its life. Guests will be able to see that it’s been cleaned and will be too nervous to get comfortable. 

Bonus Tip Two: Make Sure There Is Plenty Seating

More than enough for the amount of people that are attending. Especially if your grandparents are planning on coming. And please, make sure this seating is comfortable. Plastic lawn chairs are fine for the 20-something’s, but you really don’t want grandpa throwing out his back after sitting on of those.

And last, but certainly not least,

Bonus Tip Three: Don’t Let It Get Too Stuffy

Even on cold nights, 40 or so people inside a house can cause plenty of heat. Crack a few windows or, if you have an outdoor area, utilise it well with a fire pit or some outdoor heating and blankets.

By Nelly Bowyer, Little Ginger Co.