There is still time to squeeze in a quick project to make your Easter shine this weekend!  Whether you are heading out for an Easter Egg Hunt, spending time with family or friends, or hosting at home, make sure you connect to those around you and add some #gingerpartywow to your celebrations!

Bunny Mason Jars

If you read our Christmas blog you will know how much we love Mason Jar Gift ideas, so I couldn’t resist kicking off our Easter post with some Bunny Jar ideas.  Fill jars with colourful layers of lollies/sweets for quick centerpieces, great for when family or friends visit or give as a gift to your child’s teacher. Create an Easter Basket effect inside the jar, nestle a white-chocolate bunny in green shredded paper “grass.” Finish off by adding a ribbon and tag, quick simply yet so effective.

Easter Decorations

To bring some last-minute Easter charm to your table, use these great FREE printable templates.  Make a bunting, add to cupcakes or use as gift tags.  Click Here for the link to the files.

Strawberry Carrot Garden Pots

For our family gathering this Sunday, we will be taking some home baked bunny cookies, decorated by the kids and kids desserts… We just love these Garden Pots and they are so easy to prepare!

Ingredients are:

Strawberries                                                                      Chocolate Yogo

Chocolate Oreo or Roughs for the dirt                         White Chocolate Melts and some orange food dye

Sweet Carrots

Surprise your little bunny’s friends with some sweet carrots for the end of Term 1 or bake some Bunny cookies to share, if you have time.  The Sweet Carrots are the quickest and easiest, simply fill clear plastic pastry bags with orange jelly beans and close with green ribbon.

For our cookie recipe we like to use:

Vanilla Cookies

250 gr soft butter                 120 gr caster sugar

3 tsp vanilla essence            2 large eggs

600 gr plain flour                 3/4 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

Beat butter, sugar and vanilla until combined, add eggs and beat for approx 3 mins.  Add flour, baking powder and salt and mix until soft dough forms.  We like to split ours into 3 portions for each of us, and roll out on baking paper using 2 thin pieces 6 mm of wooden dowel for consistency when baking.  Bake for 12 mins on 170 degrees.

Royal Icing

1 egg white or 13 gr of egg white powder (add 150ml of water for powder)

1/2 juice of a lemon or whatever flavour you prefer lemon works well to balance the sweetness of all

500 gr pure icing sugar well sifted no lumps

Beat egg whites or powder and water with lemon juice on high until light and fluffy.  Add sugar and beat on medium until stiff peaks form.  Separate out to bowls for colouring needs, we use piping bags with size 1 nozzle for detail and squeeze bottles with size 2 nozzle for filling. Long tooth picks are handy for moving the icing to cover all areas on the cookie and for smoothing the detail and popping any air bubbles.

Finally, for those feeling crafty…

Flossy Easter Eggs

Making embroidery floss Easter eggs is a great craft project you can get the kids involved in! The results are very impressive to say the least, they are not hard to make and are definitely a lot of fun for all.  When finished, they look fantastic as a garland, hang them from the ceiling over your table or add to a bowl as a centre piece.  So, why not give them a try and we would love to see yours, so tag us on Instagram @littlegingerco if you upload an image!