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Easter Basket with a Twist


When it comes to Easter time, in our house its not all about the chocolate, though we LOVE the chocolate… We like to spend some time together creating the ultimate Easter Baskets to take with us wherever we go, including treats, homemade goodies and tableware to match our idea of Easter celebrations.  Now I wouldn’t say there are any expert bakers in our house, but I do love to give it a shot, and over time I have had to ‘let go‘ of the ‘getting it to all look right’ concept.  But when we do arrive to any Easter catch ups with family and friends, you can be sure there is a lot of love felt (not to mention pride too) in the Easter Baskets we take.

The love and pride can be felt watching our little ones faces as they delicately explain how they decorated those cookies, the details they share of the process of melting marshmallows to make the outside of the Easter Cake.  Little Red’s favourite words right now seem to start with “and did you know” … I could look at the end results and post them up as epic fails compared to the intended pretty cakes, cookies, decorations, but the reality is they taste sooo good and they are not all made by mum.  They are appreciated by all as ‘original’ and of course mummy does add a few of my own, to the little hand made items which helps hone my own skills in the art of baking and decorating, but these are always easily noted as some extras that mum did.

I do find though no matter how rough some of our baked goods may look, if we add a touch of color co-ordinated party decorations and tableware to our baskets, they really make the theme come alive.  For Easter I love lemon and green striped party supplies, and while at little Ginger we have a main focus on children’s party supplies and gifts, many of these have a universal use for any occasion!

Green Striped Party Supplies   Limoncello_colourway

It has taken me some focus to actually allow my kids to have a go, there’s no ‘not that way, or let me show you’ on their creations now, more get your own mum and let us be.  Celebrations are about connecting, and I love to admire the wonderful creations and gorgeous set ups that are displayed and achieved, but also recognise the importance of being in the moment, while they still want me to be there doing things with them… lets hope it lasts forever!

These are just a few of our trusted tips and ideas of Easter Baskets with a Twist…  This Easter we invite you to take along something for all to enjoy that is outside of the obvious of hot cross buns and Easter Eggs, why not get some inspiration from our Easter party food ideas, they may not look perfect but they taste deeelicous.

Happy Easter and we hope you enjoy

Nikki, Amelia (8) and Connor (4)

Birds Nest Cake with 2 tone checkerboard inside

birds nest egg cake inside easter cake

Melt some white marshmallows, add some chocolate buttons in a pan or in the microwave and simply stretch it by scooping the spoon and pulling upwards to create a string like appearance.  Swirl the marshmallow string around the outside of your cake, if the kids help like above this is a less is more concept, as you can see when you go around too many times it starts to melt together, but oh does it taste great!  As Miss Amelia put it on cutting, our first ever checkerboard cake, “you can never have too much chocolate mum, and there is definitely a lot of love on that plate”.  We added speckled eggs and green sprinkles to the top to create the birds nest and moss effect.

Vanilla Cookies cut to bunnies and egg shapes, decorated with royal icing…

Our little guys just love to get in the kitchen, they help with the making, the rolling out and the cutting.  I do the baking part to ensure no burns to little fingers or the cookies, and then they get to decorate as they please and give as gifts.  As I said if i want them to look more fancy I get told to “do my own, and leave us to ours” which is fun to watch their skills grow as they get into the art of decorating.  Below is a mini flipagram to show them in action. 

For our recipes we like to use:

Vanilla Cookies

250 gr soft butter                 120 gr caster sugar

3 tsp vanilla essence            2 large eggs

600 gr plain flour                 3/4 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

Beat butter, sugar and vanilla until combined, add eggs and beat for approx 3 mins.  Add flour, baking powder and salt and mix until soft dough forms.  We like to split ours into 3 portions for each of us, and roll out on baking paper using 2 thin pieces 6 mm of wooden dowel for consistency when baking.  Bake for 12 mins on 170 degrees.

Royal Icing

1 egg white or 13 gr of egg white powder (add 150ml of water for powder)

1/2 juice of a lemon or whatever flavour you prefer lemon works well to balance the sweetness of all

500 gr pure icing sugar well sifted no lumps

Beat egg whites or powder and water with lemon juice on high until light and fluffy.  Add sugar and beat on medium until stiff peaks form.  Separate out to bowls for colouring needs, we use piping bags with size 1 nozzle for detail and squeeze bottles with size 2 nozzle for filling. Long tooth picks are handy for moving the icing to cover all areas on the cookie and for smoothing the detail and popping any air bubbles.

Easter Kit Kat Speckled Egg Cake

easter kit kat cake

Nice and simple for those short on time, you can either bake your own chocolate cake or buy a mud cake from the local supermarket… Add Kit-Kats around the outside, tie with a ribbon to keep it all together (you can use some buttercream to make it stick to the cake for extra moisture) and cover the top of the cake to the top of the Kit-Kats with some speckled eggs.  Simple but very much admired by all!

FREE Easter Printable Files, various styles to choose – Click Here


These great printable files which are individually credited to their original authors, are simple to download and print out at home or take the file on a USB to your local digital printer.  These really add to any Easter Celebration, and come in a variety of styles and colors and include cake toppers, bottle wrappers, straw flags, garlands, favour tags and table cards.  We love adding these to our goodies for some extra styling fun!





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  1. Dani Diamond April 14, 2015 at 2:29 am #

    Gives me some hope that not every part of a childrens party has to be picture perfect. There are so many wonderful childrens party ideas out there but so many images display everything like a magazine shoot. For DIY mums like me, it takes the pressure off to read a blog post with actual information on how to, as much as what the kids party ideas are, but know that its all about the quality of time spent with the kids not just the outcome for others to see…

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