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Construction Party

When a little boy is obsessed with Trucks, Cranes, Diggers, and every Man in an Orange Vest is associated as a Workerman… well picking the party theme for his birthday is easy!  Do you have a mini construction guy at your house?  If so we hope this post, brings you some ideas and thoughts on the planning of the day.

An at home party
I love a home affair as then there is plenty of time to decorate, in the lead up to the day.

For our construction party, we visited a local Be Safe business who supply to the real workmen… from black and yellow safety tape, roped orange flags and reflective materials, my almost 3 year old was in Construction Heaven.  We even secured part of our party favours here, black plastic tool boxes…

We simply added a few treats, made some Hammer cookies and as the only area the Safety Shop couldn’t help with was mini construction vests, we decided to make these too!  At 3 years old, none of boys were going to be looking too closely at our sewing expertise… an old blue table clothe cut up and some bright orange or yellow for the front, then sew the reflective tap on the back and write on their names with a Sharpie Pen!

Each mini construction guy received their own stick on mo, a Huge hit!


Boys love to hammer, so a piece of polystyrene, some golf tees and a few plastic hammers, make for the perfect fun, without the worry of anyone getting hurt.  We had a large plastic tub with sand, where you had to dig to find numbers (taken from a board game) and each number 1-4 related to a particular prize.  A piece of peg board to hook the construction hat on (a bit hard for the boys as it turned out but the dads loved having a go).  Finally, what little boy doesn’t love water?  We had a fence with some old overalls, lots of construction blow up signs and more construction tape… the boys got to line up and throw water bombs at the faux workman.
Anything that you can imagine can be turned into a construction theme, then added to the buffet table – green grapes became limestones, cheeseballs were boulders, cutlery was Digging Pit tools, chocolate doughnuts were spare tyres, we cut marshmellows into cone shapes in dipped into orange colored chocolate to resemble safety cones.  With a little imagination the naming of typical food can create the buffet table food into a whole themed affair…
At the end of the day, it is all about connecting with your loved ones, make it memorable!
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